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Tech startups 101 - Fundraising for first-time founders

March 30th, 1pm EST
Max Polec
Max Polec
Founder Coach, Editor for The CEO Strategy, Mentor at Founder Institute & gener8tor
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🚀 How do you attract investors as an early-stage startup?

🕵️ How do you convince them to invest as first-time founders without having previous track record running a startup successfully?

🚩 What are the hidden red-flags investors look for?

If you are a first-time founder, you have likely been exposed to the idea that startups are all about fundraising. And that fundraising for good ideas should be fairly simple, right? 

We have all read articles in TechCrunch or Forbes about idea-stage startups raising at multi-million $ valuations. But media rarely ever talk about the realities of fundraising as a first-time founder. 

By now, you may have also reached out to a couple of investors yourself and gotten a somewhat vague, sometimes even discouraging response. 

Whether you already have your MVP in the market or whether you are looking to fundraise in order to build one, this event is for You. 

Join us for this interactive virtual event hosted by Max Polec, Founder Coach with The CEO Strategy, who has helped early-stage startups raise $26M+ in growth financing. Max will walk you through the realities of fundraising for early-stage startups run by first-time founders and help you rethink Your pitch and approach to fundraising.

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