Pre-Seed Funding for Non-Technical Founders

We're more than an investor, we're your technical partner, ready to shoulder the majority of your tech costs until your seed round.

How we invest

How long is your selection process?

We're agile and decisive, but we also value long-term relationships. That's why we prefer to invest in founders who have gone through our MVP development process. It's like dating before getting married!

What do you want to see before you invest?

We're looking for grit, signs of market validation, and solid business microeconomics. We're often the first investor on board, so we want to ensure you're ready for the rollercoaster ride of startup life.

How much do you typically invest?

We're flexible. We can cover part or even the entire cost of your product. It's all about finding the right fit.

Type of companies we do and don't invest in

Do you invest in specific industries / business models?

We're strategic investors with a sweet spot for B2B and B2G-focused startups with SaaS or Marketplace business models. We bring our experience and network to the table to supercharge your growth.

Are there any types of companies you don’t invest in?

We steer clear of web3 and blockchain-based startups for now. Not because we don't see their potential, but because we want to offer the most value to the companies we invest in.

What should we have achieved before you’re ready to invest?

We invest in the earliest stages of your startup journey. Typically, between the FFF round and the Angel round. We can build your product and help you come up with the strategy to bring it to market. But if we are to invest, we want to see that you've validated most or all of your business assumptions on a small scale. And yes, we can help you with this, too.

Type of founders we do and don't invest in

Technical vs non-technical founders

We champion non-technical founders. We've got your tech covered in the early days and will help transition this role to your CTO when the time is right. Your job? Building the business, onboarding customers and employees, and attracting seed-round investors.

The “know-it-alls”

We value humility and the willingness to learn. If you believe you already know everything about your business and the industry, we're probably not the right partners for you.

The “I just need the money for marketing”

We call bullshit. Show us your microeconomics to prove us wrong. We believe in strategic steps before pouring your budget into marketing activities.

Do you invest in minority-led businesses?

Absolutely — but not because they’re minority-led. We don’t believe in quotas. We’ll judge you based on your ability and willingness to learn, adapt and evolve. If we like you, we like you for you.

First-time founders

We're not afraid to back first-time founders — as long as they show they have what it takes. This includes strong dedication, mental toughness, grit, and above all: the ability to learn and relearn quickly.

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