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Tech startups 101 - Going from Idea to fundable startup

JC Garrett
CEO of FarShore and Managing Partner of Dashfire

🤑 How much $$$ do you actually need to get your SaaS startup off the ground and how do you get it

📉 Why is the current economy playing to your advantage

🧨 How to not get burned by greedy investors, useless mentors/advisors and service providers

🚶‍♀️What are the first steps to take

Q&A & discussion with JC Garrett, early-stage software investor

Fundraising for a well-established startup with an existing product & hundreds of paying customers is rarely an issue.

But raising capital for a startup which is nothing but an idea in your head at the moment is far more challenging - especially if you haven’t previously built and exited a company with x mil valuation.

So how do you go from idea to a fundable early-stage startup?

Skip months of research and come talk directly to one of the most active early-stage investors. JC Garrett, CEO of FarShore and Managing Partner of Dashfire investment firm, he currently has over 75 active investments, 15 successful exits, and is an active mentor to startup accelerators including 500 Startups, 1871, and FSK.Ventures.

JC is on a mission to make entrepreneurship more accessible by helping You to jump-start your startup journey, get access to the right advice, resources & connections you need in order to succeed.